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[DOWNLOAD] 5 Price Action Secrets That will change your Trading | {COURSE + VIDEO+}

What’s Inside?

The Problem With Trading Courses SOLVED

id you know…

Most trend reversals begin at big round number prices after multiple swing lows or highs form?

And, get this…You can spot what the banks are up to by watching wicks?Amazing, right!?

In 5 Price Action Secrets That’ll Change Your Trading, I explain the biggest price action secrets I’ve discovered in my time trading forex.

These secrets, such as those listed at the top, will completely overhaul your understanding of the market and cover all aspects of price action, from support and resistance levels, pin bars, big round numbers, and much more.

Price Action Secrets That’ll Change Your Trading: 

Price action is a deep topic, but most traders never take it far enough.

For many, price action is just about watching for pins at support and resistance (or other technical points). That’s a big part of PA, yes, but the rabbit hole goes way deeper than that. Price action is just as much about what you can’t see as what you can.

With my secrets, you’ll learn how a change of perspective can give you extortionary insights into price action that can totally change your trading.

How To Spot What The Banks Are Up To Using Candle Wicks:

The banks and other big players are a shifty bunch, using many covert tactics to hide their actions and cover their tracks. But price action reveals all… in places you wouldn’t think. Case in point: candlestick wicks! Though they look inconspicuous, candle wicks can actually reveal what the big players are up to.

You just need to know what to look for, which is what I’ll show you inside the book.

Why Multiple Swing Highs/Lows Form At Similar Prices Before Big Reversals:

Predicting large, market-changing reversals such as those that initiate trends is seen as impossible by most traders.

However, there are signals a major reversal could be building, with the clearest being: multiple swing lows/highs forming at similar prices. This usually indicates a large reversal is forming behind the scenes because it shows the banks are entering massive positions.

In the book, I explain why this is, and you can use it to help predict major reversals.


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