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[Download] From Manager To Leader: Simplified Leadership For Success | GlobalFinanceSchool

Whats Inside?

Learn the aspects of management and organization to lead successfully
Understand the traits of a leader and what defines it
Absorb different leadership styles and what might work best for you
Use verbal and nonverbal communication as an effective tool to lead
Implement how to be productive and manage time as a leader
Get certified by Global Finance School accredited by ASIC- Top International British Accreditation Agency

Thirst for knowledge and self-development
Ability to relate learning to the business context
Willingness to bring in change to one’s personal traits and mindset
Basic familiarity with concepts in management

You have reached a point in your career where you feel that a transition is inevitable, a transition that will move you from being a manager to the realms of leadership. If you feel that you are ready then this course is for you. Discover how to acquire larger “drawing canvas” – see the bigger picture and lead your teams towards success. This course will enhance your ability to shun doubts and dogma and allow you work on core areas that not only qualify you as a leader but also help you manage organizations and people, and drive profitability better.Whether you are a professional, businessman, student, or an entrepreneur – managing just a few people or a large team, you can utilise the insights of this course to gain and practice the mindset that produces effective leadership and result orientation.By end of this course you will be able to -Take your management skills to the next level!Understand how you impact common perception and outcomes in an organization Learn what successful leaders do and don’t Empower yourself and establish yourself as a leader Exploit current research and accepted wisdom to enhance your leadership style Use practical insights to be an effective communicator Manage time better and be more productive As a bonus, the course includes optional exercises that let you reaffirm and ingrain the learning better through practise or by receiving or getting feedback from your peers by uploading the assignments to the discussion board. Sign up for this course and bridge the gap to your leadership development today!
Section 1: Basic Concepts in Management
Lecture 1 Are Good Managers Born Or Taught?
Lecture 2 Further Reading: The Five Steps It Takes To Go From Manager to Leader
Lecture 3 Consolidate Company Goals
Lecture 4 Planning As the Key To Success
Lecture 5 Teams
Section 2: What Is A Leader?
Lecture 6 Recommended Reading: Leadership: Practice and Theory
Lecture 7 How To Act Like a Leader
Lecture 8 True Story: How to Look and Act Like a Leader
Lecture 9 Further Reading: What are the Common Mistakes of New managers?
Lecture 10 Sources of Power
Section 3: Organizational Power
Lecture 11 Positional Power
Lecture 12 Personal Power
Lecture 13 Leadership Traps
Section 4: How To Lead
Lecture 14 Theory and Practice
Lecture 15 Trait Leadership
Section 5: Transformational Leadership
Lecture 16 Laissez-faire Leadership and Transactional Leadership
Lecture 17 The Four Factors of Transformational Leadership
Lecture 18 Real World Tips: How to Develop Future Leaders
Lecture 19 Effects of Transformational Leadership
Section 6: Servant Leadership
Lecture 20 Servant Leadership
Section 7: Emotional Intelligence Leadership Styles
Lecture 21 Autocratic Leadership Style
Lecture 22 Affiliative and Participative Leadership Styles
Lecture 23 Authoritative Leadership Style
Lecture 24 Pacesetting and Coaching Leadership Styles
Lecture 25 Comparing and Choosing Leadership Styles
Section 8: Effective Communication
Lecture 26 Communication Recommended Reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People
Lecture 27 Communication Is Critical
Lecture 28 Communication Is Your Responsibility
Lecture 29 Non-Verbal Communication
Lecture 30 Verbal Communication
Section 9: Giving Presentations
Lecture 31 Preparing For a Presentation
Lecture 32 How To Build A Presentation
Lecture 33 Presentation Delivery
Section 10: Memo Writing and Meetings
Lecture 34 Writing Memos
Lecture 35 Writing Emails
Lecture 36 Meeting Costs
Lecture 37 Ingredients of an Effective Meeting
Lecture 38 Staging an Effective Meeting
Lecture 39 Common Meeting Dysfunctions
Lecture 40 Troubleshooting Problem Meetings
Lecture 41 Alternative Meetings
Section 11: Final Leadership Course Exam
Lecture 42 Final Research Essay : Leadership Role Model
Lecture 43 Final Project: Leadership Training
Ambitious individuals willing to enhance their leadership skills,Team leaders wanting to evolve as a manager or leader,Managers embarking on leadership roles,Small to medium size business owners,Entrepreneurs and start-up leaders, Students who want to improve job prospects

Course will be via Google Drive

Happy Learning!


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