Market Stalkers Level 1-3 Deeyana Angelo


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What is Inside?

Level 1
Institutional Order Flow

Level 1 teaches you how to find high probability areas of previous institutional interest on larger timeframes. These levels have a naturally low risk and a high reward.

You will learn how to become more systematic in your approach, while also getting insight into market structures that are often overlooked but invaluable when developing professional skills.

It serves as a backbone to create an organised trading mind as well as to give you a valuable insight into market structures that are frequently forgotten (and yet invaluable) in determining the most likely price direction.

While we ultimately WON’T be trading FROM large timeframe levels, our methodology uses them for context and a directional indicator. The levels will also serve to set the scene for a solid weekly plan.

Think of the institutional levels like footnotes for orientation to ensure you’re aware of whether the price location within a swing is at a wholesale or a retail price level.

Level 2
Deep dive into the day timeframe

Level 2 teaches you how to read Market Profile and what a typical trading day looks like, as well as why events happen at certain times.

You’ll also learn via the systematic flow diagrams that can help visualise safer decisions for your trades!

We will delve deeper into the psychology of the mind, to understand how your thoughts influence what you see.

You’ll learn about validating versus invalidating ideas based on objective events in real-time, rather than just guessing or believing things because they have happened before!

Level 3
Trading University

The goal of Level 3 is to expand and hone intraday trading skills and setups introduced in previous 2 levels.

You will learn to:
use statistical averages for adjusting your stop losses to the current volatility of the products you’re trading
use early exit rules and realtime developments efficiently to either stay in or to exit a trade
understand which fundamental releases should be avoided and why – not every news release is ‘the enemy’
to recognise when taking a countertrend trade is safe and when it’s dangerous
to optimise your own entries and use data from your own experimentation to increase profit targets or minimise stop losses to a better trading performance
use very small timeframes and how they differ from ‘regular’ timeframes that have more trading information inside

This course is the final step for those who wish to step into proprietary trading industry. Prop trading firms help you to scale your existing capital for a fraction of the initial investment.

For that, you need a solid approach that speaks to your mastery of risk management and strategy design as well as understanding how to create a business plan in light of metrics that the prop firm sets out for you to follow during the assessment period.

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